How it all Began…

It all started on a snowy evening in 2001 when my mom and sister stopped at a gas station by our house. They were there minding their own business when a guy in a dark, tinted Range Rover pulled up next to them. They were pretty surprised to see this guy, a 7 foot tall 300 pound man come out of the car next to them, and although they didn’t know exactly who he was, they knew that there was about a 95% chance he was a Chicago Bulls player. So they did what any normal person would do when they think they see someone famous, and followed him home. Now before you guys call them stalkers, know that they weren’t really planning on following him home until he turned into our neighborhood straight towards our house. He then turned into a driveway about two blocks from our house, and as the saying goes, the rest was history.

Im going to be honest and admit that I don’t exactly remember how we figured out that it was Eddy Curry who live around the corner from us (I think my dad saw him at the grocery store and recognized him) but once we figured it out we were instantly hooked. All the sudden everyone in my family tuned into every Bulls games and we drove past eddy currys house anytime we could.

Let me point out that I was 8 at the time. Also this was before Instagram and twitter were a place where you can basically follow a celebrities every move, so my sisters and I did it the old fashion way. That summer, during the off season, we would bike ride or walk past his house to see if he was outside playing basketball any chance we got. We talked to him a couple times and we even got a ball signed by him.

He ended up getting traded about four years later, but that was just the beginning of my love for the Bulls. I wouldn’t say that the only reason I am a Bulls fan is because of Eddy Curry ┬ábut I would say that Eddy Curry made me realize how much joy being a Bulls fan gave me at such a young age.

As I mentioned before twitter and Instagram make what my sisters and I did to Eddy Curry virtually possible. I think there are a lot of people out there who are guilty of stalking their favorite celebrities on social media regularly, and whats cool is that the era we live makes that possible. Following all my favorite Bulls players on social media makes me feel more connected to them, I feel less like a crazy fan, and more like I know them personally, even if that’s not the case.

Knowing that I’ll be able to come home and watch a Bulls game usually gets me through a long day, but being able to have a glimpse into these players life makes me feel apart of something. The Bulls give me so much joy, and they will for the rest of my life.

P.S. This game winner happened as I was typing this post.

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