I guess my question is answered

I am literally stunned.

Since I am a crazy Bulls fan I receive twitter notifications every time some Chicago Bulls related twitter account, like reporters and players, tweet. So tonight I am sitting in my room studying for an exam I have tomorrow and a tweet from Chicago bulls write Ricky O’donnell pops up on my phone that said “man D. Rose doesn’t deserve this”

Seriously the second I read the tweet my heart dropped. I knew right away that whatever it was it definitely wasn’t good. I opened up twitter to multiple reports saying that Derrick rose tore his medial meniscus in his right knee.

I didn’t actually cry but I’m not going to lie my eyes watered a bit. I just feel so awful for him. He is such a talented and humble person and he just continues to get injured. At this point there is not much anyone could say, it is just so unfortunate. during the last couple years he has dealt with so much criticism regarding how he rehabs and he has gone through so much

This is especially hard after I just wrote about how derrick rose is showing so many signs of the player he used to be. Now all those feelings have gone down the drain.

There is currently no time table in terms of surgery, but the news just came out about a half hour ago. More to come obviously, but I am so sad :(.

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