I guess my question is answered

I am literally stunned.

Since I am a crazy Bulls fan I receive twitter notifications every time some Chicago Bulls related twitter account, like reporters and players, tweet. So tonight I am sitting in my room studying for an exam I have tomorrow and a tweet from Chicago bulls write Ricky O’donnell pops up on my phone that said “man D. Rose doesn’t deserve this”

Seriously the second I read the tweet my heart dropped. I knew right away that whatever it was it definitely wasn’t good. I opened up twitter to multiple reports saying that Derrick rose tore his medial meniscus in his right knee.

I didn’t actually cry but I’m not going to lie my eyes watered a bit. I just feel so awful for him. He is such a talented and humble person and he just continues to get injured. At this point there is not much anyone could say, it is just so unfortunate. during the last couple years he has dealt with so much criticism regarding how he rehabs and he has gone through so much

This is especially hard after I just wrote about how derrick rose is showing so many signs of the player he used to be. Now all those feelings have gone down the drain.

There is currently no time table in terms of surgery, but the news just came out about a half hour ago. More to come obviously, but I am so sad :(.

Will Derrick Rose ever be Derrick Rose again?

As most of you know Derrick Rose has been through a lot of ups and downs in his short career as a Chicago Bull. Derrick Rose managed to become the youngest MVP of the NBA which is quite the feat. After proving to the league that he was a force to be reckoned with the next season Derrick tore his ACL during a playoff game, if you want be sick to your stomach for a second click here and watch. Then after missing an entire season and rehabbing his knee he finally came back. Less then a month into the regular season this happened. Yes, that is Derrick Rose tearing the MCL in his other knee.

Now Derrick Rose is FINALLY back. After everything the Derrick Rose has gone through, the million dollar question is can he be the same player, if not better, then he was during his MVP season. Now that the season is officially half way over a lot of people have began to debate this idea. Rose has not be averaging career numbers, but most people including myself don’t see that as a big red flag.

Getting to the level of the Most Valuable Player in the League does not happen over night, but since the beginning of the season there has been a lot of improvements in all aspect of Derrick Roses game. He is finally averaging over 20 points a game. He is starting to attack the basket more rather then just shooting jump shots, his feet are moving better on defense and all together you can see his confidence improving. His rhythm hasn’t been completely there but that is improving as well.

NBA All-Stars also believe that Derrick Rose will be just fine. Over the All star weekend, Kyle Korver said,

“Physically, he looks stronger and more explosive to me, for whatever reason, his rhythm hasn’t been there all the way. It just takes time. I believe he’s going to come all the way back. I really do. With all the training methods that are out there now, you just have to find what works for you and get the rhythm again.”

James Harden added,

“He’s getting his swag back. You can see he’s playing with a lot of confidence this season. He’s going to be back here soon.”

Although Derrick Rose was not selected to be an All Star this season, its pretty clear that all his fellow All Star peers are not worried about weather or not he’ll get back to that level soon.

For more All stars opinions on Derrick Rose -http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/basketball/bulls/ct-derrick-rose-bulls-spt-0217-20150216-story.html (source)