What to Expect

My name is Shira Shaoul and I am a die hard Chicago Bulls fan. Originally from a Suburb north of Chicago, but currently a Junior at Michigan State University. The toughest part about going to college out of state is that I can only watch Bulls games that are nationally televised. The plus is that I can basically follow those games on twitter just my following the right people. Social media these days have changed what it mean to be a Bulls fan. It makes it a lot easier to get updates up to the minute on all Chicago bulls any time. Not only am I a Chicago Bulls fan, but in general I am a huge basketball fan. This blog is here for me to share my thoughts what happens on a daily and weekly basis regarding the Bulls and sometimes just the NBA in general. For me the things that the players do off the court is sometimes just as exciting as the things that happen on the court. This blog is a place for everything and anything that might come up during the season and the off season.

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